This is where you can find information about Noah Lambie and his links to his art projects, as well as his friends and their projects.
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Noah Lambie is a progressive artist. He creates inspired works of art using anything he can get his hands on. After Studying at Bowdoin College in Portland, Maine, he moved to a town of the same name in Oregon and continues to hone his skills.

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Arlo Voorhees wrote the poems featured in some of the pictures in the collection.

"Dennis Arlo Voorhees lives in Portland, Oregon, where he waits in front of the mirror, hoping the poem will erect itself. He is the host of the Broken Word Readings on Tuesday nights at the Alberta Street Pub in Northeast Portland. Noah Lambie is in Boston and he just woke up hours ago. His website, [], features more of his artwork and helps him remember what he did last night. Questions for the author? dennisarlovoorhees(at)yahoo(dot)com"
(taken from Powell's Books Online)

Listen to the music that Noah and Dennis have produced here!

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